Your task: Use the above image and super rough sketch as a base for your illustration. The sketch is merely a breakdown to help you with proportion and layout, if you need it; you’re not obligated to use it. The idea is to get many different images with the same layout to show the diversity of Tumblr’s Sherlock fanartists. The inspiration for this project was this post: marching123.tumblr.com/post/42421111239

-If possible, images should be the exact dimensions as the original: 750x596. General proportions of characters to each other should remain the same; this doesn’t mean you need to draw realistically or have them be exactly this size, just try to keep them the same size as the original compositionally. Feel free to draw larger and then size it down. if you are scanning or photographing, just do your best to get the composition the same when you crop it. Main two characters should remain John and Sherlock, but if you want to include other characters around them, feel free.

-Be as diverse with style, color, and medium as you want. Change the clothes, the meaning of the scene, the expressions, anything. You’re encouraged to push it as far from the original as you want to. None of the above rules are meant to restrict you to the point you feel you can’t be yourself; if you’re having trouble with it send me a message and maybe I can explain it in a different way.

-Images can include digital art, traditional art, crafts/collage/food/whatever, cosplay photo, any graphic that keeps the spirit of the original.

-Writers may submit a 221B (221 words, the last ending in “B”) inspired by the image or by someone else’s image if they wish (please message the artist if it’s okay to do so before posting it though!).

-Submit by April 20th; participants posting after then can still go on the blog but won’t go in the big collage image I’ll put together at the end of it.

How to submit: post the image/fic on your blog. Tag it within the first three tags “letsdrawsherlock”. You can also send the blog an ask, from the blog where you have posted your entry, with the post ID, so I can look it up.

I’m not going to do anything with your image/fic except reblog it here, and edit it into a large image at the end containing all the artworks submitted.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an ask to letsdrawsherlock.tumblr. Have fun!!



Reasons why the Sherlock Fandom has been driven to insanity.

Sherlockians: [Started watching Sherlock]
Sherlockians: [Only ever get three episodes per series]
Sherlockians: [Given a cliffhanger finale]
Sherlockians: [Forced to wait over a year for series two]
Sherlockians: [Are put through Reichenbach]
Sherlockians: [Given another cliffhanger finale]
Sherlockians: [Wait over a year for the next series]
Sherlockians: [Are told three words relating to the next series]
Sherlockians: [Are then told that Moriarty is confirmed dead]
Sherlockians: [Realize MorMor can never be canon]
Sherlockians: [Remember that Mofftiss are trolls and so anything they say cannot be trusted]
Sherlockians: [Explode]
Sherlockians: [Require scraping off the ceiling]

after the rain

after the rain